I have almost thirty years of experience  in the mountain tourism world, both summer and winter, first as an entrepreneur  and partner in private companies,  then as a professional manager who has contributed  to the growth  and development  of numerous  tourist  destinations  in Trentino  region.  I have gained  expertise  in many areas: from the product construction,  with the adoption of innovative solutions (Multi-service  cards for easier use and networking  of services offered  by a tourism  system, development  of mobility  projects;),  to the activity of marketing and promotion of tourist packages in many European and North America markets; from  the  definition  of  marketing  campaigns  both  offline  and  online  to  the  organization  of  national  and international  sporting and cultural events (eg  Giro d'ltalia  bike, Tour de Pologne  bike, FIS Ski World Cup, pre-season  retirements  of  AS  Roma,  FC  lnternazionale   and  FC  Bayern  Munchen  Basketball).   I  have carried  out fundraising  activities  involving  both  public  and private  partners  in sponsorship  projects  (also involving major automotive brands such as Volvo and Audi) and funding from local authorities such as municipalities. I have developed experience in complex process management  developing analytical and organizational  skills, team management  and reorganization  of business processes.