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Jaymo, Kristian Jamieson is a born and bred Outdoorsman from Bend Oregon.   He is a lifelong dream chaser of all that climbs, slides or slashes.  He is a self diagnosed “Gnarcisist”, father of 3 and husband of 1.  From his first job as a teenager at Hoodoo Ski-Bowl to his most recent position as Global Education and Training Manager for GoPro Inc, where he was one of the earliest employees and Purveyor of the Dream.  A few weeks ago, he left GoPro to pursue other dreams.  Jaymo has consistently maintained his presence in the outdoor industry thru his intimate involvement with the launch and growth of brands like LibTech and Gnu, Nike 6.0, The Winter and Summer XGames and the 2002 Winter Olympics from Park City.  Jaymo's resume is highlighted with journalistically styled marketing efforts across a large swath of the outdoor recreation and travel industry.