an inside look into our all-star speaker roster

Our speaker roster this year consists of a group of carefully hand-picked senior leaders from some of the top companies within the industry. Through topics such as the integration of sales and marketing, the nuts and bolts of turning data into revenue, building a successful sales and marketing model, you'll learn the latest trending content. We can't wait to hear them speak in April, but here's an inside look into what you'll hear before the event. 


Nick Sargent

Nick Sargent is the President of SIA. He discusses why he feels the industry is too fractured, gives advice to other businesses in the industry, and shares some of the biggest challenges he faced when he officially took over as president of SIA in February 2016. 


Steve Nilsen

Steve Nilsen is the Lifestyle Marketing Manager for Pabst Brewing Company. He shares why PBR is interested in promoting at ski resorts, unique techniques they use to reach their audience and how they differentiate themselves from competitors.