General Sessions during the MTS Forum are highly anticipated. The thought leadership from industry leaders and travel experts is unmatched.

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The stories we all tell

Freeskiing innovator Mike Douglas has parlayed an illustrious career as an athlete into a second-coming as a writer, filmmaker and emcee, giving a voice to the unsung stories of mountain adventures and adventurers. Whether he's wielding a ski pole or camera lens, Douglas's pursuit of poetic lines lends itself to a balance of Whistler's dichotomy between action and solitude.

MTS kicks off with one of Whistler's most famous citizens. Mike is credited with the design of the modern twin–tip ski – an innovation that changed the sport. Known as the ‘Godfather of Freeskiiing’, Mike is constantly pushing forward and challenging the boundaries of skiing and the media that surrounds it. With Switchback Entertainment, he tells the stories of the mountains and the people that live here.
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Mike Douglas, Director, Producer, Editor, Switchback Entertainment


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Stop Selling! Start Compelling!

Consistent sales are not dependent on price, product, location or online competition it's about creating an unforgettable experience for each customer that compels them to buy from only you. To excel in today's economy we must get away from the old traditional way of selling and embark on a new journey of compelling.
Presented by:

Damus Smith, President, Damus Dynamic LLC


Growth through innovation

For the past 20 years, active skiers and snowboarders globally has stagnated. There are a variety of reasons and although industry experts know the whys, finding answers is really hard. We are dedicating this entire General Session to a discussion with five leaders who really can make a difference and they each have their own perspective. This could be the most important MTS Forum session in years.
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Watch the videos to get an idea of how PSIA and AASI are helping more people learn how to ski & snowboard.


MTS talks

MTS Talks is our annual version of TED style talks focused on what matters to the MTS Forum audience. We continue the Growth Through Innovation theme with each presenter taking a unique look at the issues and opportunities for new approaches to bring more people to the mountains.
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Check out this MTS Talk from Matt Mosteller in 2017.


Check out this Ignite speech from 2018, presented by John O’Neill, Associate Market Manager, Expedia

Ignite MTS

Ignite MTS is always a highlight of the MTS Forum. It is time to hear from millennials. The Ignite rapid fire format gives each presenter exactly five minutes to use twenty PowerPoint slides that auto-advance every fifteen seconds. So let's hear from the millennials - what do they think we need to do to move the needle to make skiing and snowboarding cool again?
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Jonny Moseley, An Innovator, Olympic Gold medalist

Jonny's influence on skiing is legendary. His famous "Dinner Roll" move on the freestyle course, the most innovative trick ever for mogul skiers, revolutionized the sport. When kids were converting to snowboarding or giving up skiing, Jonny's influence helped make skiing cool again and kids started joining snowboarders in the parks with their twin tip skis. Hear from Jonny as he shares his journey and his vision for the future of our sports.
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Jonny Moseley.jpg

Jonny Moseley, Olympic Gold Medalist, Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur

Take a closer look into the life and accomplishments of Olympic Gold Medalist, Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur, Jonny Moseley!