How to Request Appointments AND How to Confirm (or Deny) Appointments with Others.

To view step-by-step photos of how to request appointments and how to confirm/deny appointments with others, scroll through the gallery at the bottom of this page.

The MTS appointment system does not offer responsive design for mobile devices such as iPads, tablets or smartphones. It is best used on a desktop device. 


Things to know:

  1. Appointment Requests begin for BUYERS and SERVICE PROVIDERS on February 26.   Appointment requests begin for SUPPLIERS on March 5.  NOTE: Meetings Exchange appointments begin on March 26th.
  2. During the week between February 26 and March 5 BUYERS and SERVICE PROVIDERS can make up to 20 appointments.  After March 5, appointment schedules can be filled COMPLETELY.
  3. Only APPOINTMENT TAKERS can request, confirm or deny appointments.
  4. Anyone with a confirmed appointment can cancel it at any time.
  5. It is possible to “block” up to 4 appointment time-slots for no appointments.
  6. Auto-Approve Rule – Requests for appointments are automatically approved based on the table below.
DatesAuto-Approved in...
February 26 - March 2672 hours
March 27 - April 848 hours
April 9 - 1424 hours


How to Request an Appointment

Using Profiles

  1. Log into the Exchange (Trade, Group or Meetings). CLICK HERE TO LOGIN.
  2. Click your profile name to enter the system. 
  3. Click the "Menu icon" (three horizontal lines) 
  4. Click the directory tab, and then select "All"
  5. Find the company or person for an appointment
  6. Select “Request Appointment” from the Directory Listing or From the Profile itself.
  7. Available time-slots will show…select any one.
  8. NEW messages are indicated in a BLUE BOX
  9. NEW Appointment requests are indicated in a BLUE BOX

Using Calendar or List View

  1. Log into the Exchange (Trade, Group or Meetings). CLICK HERE TO LOGIN.
  2. Click your profile name to enter the system. 
  3. Click the "Menu icon" (three horizontal lines) 
  4. Select Calendar View or List View
  5. Note:
    1. Scheduled appointments show a red bar and the company name
    2. Open slots show a yellow bar and “Request Appointment”
    3. Company Name in green are pending appointments you requested
    4. Company Name in red are appointments pending your approval
    5. Breaks Show a green bar (coffee breaks and lunch)
  6. Choose an open time slot (with a yellow bar)
  7. From this pop-up box select between Type (Service Provider, Buyer, Supplier) and…
  8. Search for a company (use the search box or scroll).  Only companies with available appointments for this time slot will show.
  9. Click on “Request Appointment” or, to view the profile, click on the hyperlink, there is a second “Request Appointment” button on the profile page.


  1. Appointment requests from others are red.  Requests from you are in green.
  2. To APPROVE or DENY, click the Red appointment request.  On the pop-up select ACCEPT APPOINMENT or DECLINE APPOINTMENT.
  3. Accepted appointments will be in black. Declined appointments will not show.

How to un-hide profiles

  1. In the top right hand corner, click "Additional Options"
  2. Under directory, there is a tab "Profiles Marked Hide" - Click that tab
  3. From there, it will take you to the hidden profiles
  4. Click the plus sign on the bottom right hand corner of the profile and click "Hide" again. It will undo the initial hide

To view step-by-step instructions on how to request or approve/deny appointments, scroll through the gallery below. 

Click here to download a PDF of the images. 


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