An interview with Bode Miller

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Bode Miller is regarded as one of the most talented ski racers of all time. He is an Olympic and World Championship gold medalist and a two time World Cup Champion. He has won six Olympic medals making him the most decorated U.S. skier of all time. Bode is also considered “one of the most colorful American Olympic athletes of all time” who once said in his early racing years “sometimes I listen to my coaches just to humor them”, offering a hint of his New England rebel attitude that became legendary.

Bode recently returned from PyeongChang, South Korea where he was the color commentator for the alpine skiing events. Miller is passionate about his Turtle Ridge Foundation, an organization he started in 2005, focusing on supporting and empowering adaptive sports. He is a father of four and married to pro beach volleyball player Morgan Beck. Get set for a fascinating sit down with Bode Miller on Thursday to wrap up the MTS Forum General Sessions.  

Hear him speak On topics such as: 

  • His experience as a dad

  • His experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner

  • Recommendations on how to grow the ski industry

  • His thoughts on the customer experience for skiers/snowboarders

  • His World Cup ski career

  • His Olympic career

  • How to become the best in the world

  • The 2018 Olympics

  • His experience as a commentator



bode amazes the world on one ski