Breakout sessions dive into detail about specific topics that are top-of-mind for Forum attendees.

These highly regarded and anticipated breakouts include a wide variety of content and feature excellent presenters from some of the leading companies in the travel industry.

Growth and Conversion: A Follow up to General Session II

Senior executives who think about this stuff every day. How do they envision the future?
Presented by:
Nick HerrinCEO, Professional Ski Instructors of America, American Association of Snowboard Instructors
Joe Hession, President and CEO, Snow Operating
Xavier Mufraggi, President and CEO, North America and Caribbean, Club Med
Kelly Pawlak, President and CEO, National Ski Areas Association (NSAA)
Paul Pinchbeck, President and CEO, Canadian Ski Council

Sales Master Lab: Stop Selling! Start Compelling!

Go deeper with Damus on the sales methods he teaches in this double workshop. This dynamic session will help you learn

  • How to gain a deep understanding of your customers and bring it top of mind

  • Learn how to create unforgettable experiences that compels customers to buy from you

  • Explore the evolution of customers today and their buying behavior

  • Understand the shift in seller competency that's needed to compete in today's economy

Presented by:
Damus Smith, President, Damus Dynamic LLC

Gen Z: Redefining the Rules of Engagement for Travel Marketers

Generation Z is becoming the largest generation in many markets and new global research from Expedia Group Media Solutions illustrates how younger generations are shaping the future of travel. Insights into the motivations and mindsets of this generation, along with creative, insights-led campaign examples, can help outdoor destination and resort marketers connect their offerings to the unique considerations of these travelers. Data shows that Gen Z are interested in a variety of trip types, including activity-based vacations, and are more open to influence and inspiration than other generations, creating an opportunity travel marketers shouldn’t ignore.
Presented by:
Wendy Olson Killion, Global Vice President, Expedia Media Solutions 

Sales Master Lab: Building and maintain strong connections and relationships

In this fun and interactive double workshop session built on using improvisational skills, you will learn to:

  • Quickly adapt to changing customer-facing situations

  • Confidently articulate their brand’s unique value

  • Creatively explore collaboration options with customers

  • Leverage improvisation’s “Yes, And…” mindset to boost sales revenue

Presented by:
Bob Doll, Co-founder, Senior VP, Lead Trainer, Advantage Improv
Lee Godden, Co-founder, President, Lead Trainer, Advantage Improv

Hotel Industry Overview: Data-Driven Insights

The current cycle in the hotel industry has been fueled by strong demand and slow, disciplined new hotel development. RevPAR has grown consistently on a monthly basis for over eight years, and even with a few months of decline, STR is forecasting overall RevPAR growth for 2019. Most of the growth will continue to be driven by average daily rate growth, as occupancy remains at a peak level across the industry. This session will review the past winter season, with a focus on US and Canadian resort markets, and look forward to the summer season and remainder of 2019.
Presented by:
Alison Hoyt, Senior Director, Consulting and Analytics, STR

Technology Buzzwords: What Do You Really Need to Know?

Does Artificial Intelligence mean that robots will run our properties? And does Personalization mean someone is spying on me? This is how our industry headlines read! In this interactive session, breaks down the simple truths beneath the buzzwords and help you gain a practical understanding of what's important to your day-to-day and have you prepared for the future.
Presented by:
Steve Consiglio, Product Performance Manager,

Take it to the Mountain!

Take to the mountains with two of the best storytellers in the business. Halley and Amy create a fantastic learning environment to help you tell your stories. Start in a workshop and then head out to the slopes for a hands-on, team oriented program. Space is extremely limited, reservations required, stay tuned to register.
Presented by:
Amy Kemp, Founder, Mountaintop Media, Founder, ELEVATE, Co-Founder, Camp 9600
Halley O’Brien, Host, Producer, Digital Marketer