Damus Smith Photo.jpg

Famous Damus! Before you read his bio let's just get it out of the way. No, Damus is not a famous actor or former basketball player, but what he is known for is helping organizations excel by learning how to compel. Also, let's face it, "Famous Damus" sounds pretty cool!

Damus is a business success strategist that helps businesses, associations, and organizations create breakthrough performance by creating memorable moments and unforgettable experiences for their customers, clients, and colleagues. 

He is the president of Damus Dynamic LLC, a Training and Development company that drives growth with companies of all sizes from small businesses to billion dollar brands. Damus has worked for organizations such as Macy's, JC Penny, Art Van Furniture, UAW, Ford Automotive Dealerships, Toyota, and many others. He also owns and operates a Realestate Development Company. He has been in the trenches and knows what it takes to grow sales and ultimately grow your business. 

Hang on to your seats... Here comes Famous Damus!