Damus Smith 


Damus Smith is a business success strategist that helps businesses, associations, and organizations create breakthrough performance by creating memorable moments and unforgettable experiences for their customers, clients, and colleagues. He is the president of Damus Dynamic LLC, a training and development company that drives growth with companies of all sizes, and will be presenting his theory: Stop Selling! Start Compelling! during the MTS Forum.

Damus dives deep into his theory of Stop Selling! Start Compelling!, shares what he is most looking forward to at MTS, and gives attendees a taste of why they should be excited about his presentation and breakout during the Forum.

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Tell us about your theory of Stop Selling! Start Compelling!

Stop Selling! Start Compelling! is built on businesses ability to compel customers to take a desired action. No matter what industry, or role the individual plays within the organization at the end of day the ability to compel customers will make them only buy from you; customer loyalty is created, sales are increased, and competition becomes irrelevant. When a business Stops Selling! Starts Compelling! an environment is created where the customer feels compelled to buy your product and use your services.  

The Stop Selling! Start Compelling! message is more relevant than ever and will still be for years to come. With cultural shifts, evolving technology, and the ever-changing customer, the old traditional way of selling is dying and will not allow businesses to thrive in the new economy.  Right now we are seeing a shift in consumer buying habits, buying trends, market disruption, and competition is coming from every angle. As a result, business becomes stagnant and in many instances starts to slow down. The blame can be placed on the economy, the shift in consumer behavior, or even the change in demographics. Could any of these factors play a role in the lack of sales? Sure! But are any of these factors the main reason, why business is slowing down? No! The reason why businesses today are losing sales, market share, and closing their doors is because they are still selling. Sales Professionals are selling, businesses are selling, and everyone that interacts with the customer is still selling. People may say, “Hey, that’s what we are supposed to do!” How are we going to increase sales and have a thriving business if we are not selling? Well, the key to truly prospering and growing sales is to first Stop Selling! Businesses, sales professionals, and everyone in the organization that continue to go down the traditional path of selling will not take their business to the next level. The traditional path of selling may have helped businesses flourish yesterday, but in order to thrive today businesses must move away from selling and embark on a new journey of compelling. When you Stop Selling! Start Compelling!, you become a category of one, memorable moments are made, speaking to prospects is approached differently, customer loyalty is established, unforgettable experiences are created, and sales are increased. The bottom line is this: In Order For Your Business To Continue To Exist You Must Be So Compelling Your Customers Can Not Resist. Stop Selling! Start Compelling!

Can you give us two or three thoughts about why we should be so excited about your presentation and workshop at MTS? 

Do you have customers knocking down your door? Are you continuously getting repeat business? Is your phone ringing off the hook where prospects are begging to buy from you? This workshop is designed to help you increase your influence, get customers to buy more products, sell more services, and ultimately grow your business. When you are compelling in the eyes of your customer, sales transactions become a lot easier. This workshop will help make your organization, your product, and your service become so appealing that it becomes IR-RE-SISTABLE in the eyes of your customer. 

This workshop will take a look at you and your business and give you a plan on what you need to do in order to be more compelling and create compelled customers. The goal in this session is to understand first, “How well do you compel?”  We will take an honest look at you and your business and understand how compelling you are in the eyes of your customers. Next, attendees will understand what they need to do in order to create compelled customers, develop customer loyalty, and get customers to buy only from you. Lastly, attendees will learn how to create sustainable growth by understanding the importance and opportunities of venturing out into other growth markets. We will dive into understanding market opportunities in the industry and the keys to compel customers in the untapped growth markets. 

How will you know you have really reached the audience with your message?

I will know I have reached my audience by the following.

    1. Response- After my 45-minute session my goal is to provide tangible tools and takeaways the audience can implement immediately as they go back to their organizations. My seminar is high energy and high content that makes a high impact so my expectations is to hear feedback immediately after my session. A good gauge in knowing how the session went is the immediate response from the audience afterwards. 

    2. Reviews- To make sure the audience retains the message is the reviews afterwards. I will be distributing review sheets afterwards where the audience can rate the session, the speaker, and the content given in the workshop.

    3. Recap- I will be distributing PDF handouts for all attendees that summarizes what was discussed in the workshop.

 Is there any homework MTS attendees should do or think about before your presentations? 

 I would like attendees to come with an open mind, ready to think outside the box, and learn something new.

 What are you most looking forward to about being a presenter at MTS? 

I am excited to speak at the MTS conference, meet the attendees, and look forward to sharing the concept of Stop Selling! Start Compelling! that will help attendees be compelling in the eyes of their customers which will lead to the growth of sales, create customer loyalty, and ultimately increase market share. 

Check out Damus’ breakout and general session at the MTS Forum, April 3-4, Whistler, BC, Canada.