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As of today, you can review your pre-scheduled appointments for MTS and begin Direct Scheduling for additional appointments. From now until the day of the MTS Exchanges, attendees can send direct appointment requests to each other and either approve or decline requests directly. Below are some helpful instructions on how to view your schedule and send requests to fill any remaining open slots.

to begin direct scheduling:

  1. Click here to login.
  2. Click on the Exchange you are selecting appointments for.
  3. Once logged in, there are a variety of links you need to know about. Important: Please remember not to use the “Back Button” in your browser, but to navigate using the links provided, including the “cookie crumbs” shown in the blue line near the top that will help you get from one area to another.
  4. If you are the Company Leader (If you are the only one from your company, you are, by default, the company leader).
    1. Click on the My Profiles tab, and then click on the Profile you want to manage. This will take you to Profile Details tab.
    2. As the Company Leader, if there are more than one members (people) in a profile, you can change who the Appointment Taker is by clicking on Members. You can also add and remove members from this profile if applicable.
  5. Appointment Takers
    1. While on the Profile Details tab, scroll down and click on Appointment Schedule on the bottom of the screen. This will display a list of your schedule with the pre-scheduled appointments in Green.
    2. The Appointment Requests section will show you what companies you requested, and the status of each of those requests.
    3. The Schedule section shows your current schedule and can be printed or exported to an Excel file
    4. To see the entire list of companies attending your exchange and their profiles, click on Exchange Attendee List at the top of the page.

See instructions below for the Appointment Taker to proceed with DIRECT SCHEDULING.

These instructions apply to all Appointment Takers. Direct Scheduling continues until the end of each Exchange.

  1. Click on the Appointments Schedule Link on the bottom of the screen.
    1. This will display a list of your schedule with the pre-scheduled appointments
    2. Pre-scheduled appointments may be cancelled (Trade Exchange Only) by clicking on the appointment and then Cancel Appointment. Out of courtesy for the other party, you are required to provide a reason for your cancellation. Hit Submit.
  2. All of your appointments and Direct Requests are color coded:
    1. Green = Scheduled Appointments
    2. Orange = Requests that have been made by others, you click on these requests and either Accept or Decline. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can either lock in that appointment or open up that slot for another appointment. Until you accept or decline, this slot is not available for other companies to schedule with you.
    3. Yellow = Requests you have made and the other party has not responded yet. If you would like to fee up that time slot on your calendar at any time, click on the request and cancel.
    4. Red = Once you have selected who you want to meet with, Red will show times slots that are not available for appointments.
    5. Grey slots are breaks, lunch and times before and after the exchange.
    6. Note: Exchange Suppliers (not buyers) may block out up to four time slots. Click on (Block) on the appointment times that you do not want to be available for meetings (they must currently be blank slots)
  3. How to create a Direct Request for Appointment
    1. From your profile, click on Appointment Schedule.
    2. Search for the company you want to meet with and click on the company name/person’s name. The “New Appointment” slots that show will be available for both of you. Select one and Request Appointment. That slot will turn Yellow until confirmed by the other party or until you cancel the request.
    3. Repeat this process until you have completed your requests. You can always come back to make changes.
    4. Use the links above your schedule to print your complete schedule and to view the requests you made that have not been confirmed. This will be helpful so you can try these requests again using direct scheduling.
    5. Be sure to check the My Settings tab
      1. Add a personal photo so people can find you more easily
      2. Set your privacy so attendees can (or cannot) see your email and phone number
      3. Determine when you get email notifications (best to have them all checked for yes)
    6. Pay attention to the Notifications on the right side of your screen
    7. To see the profiles for TEAMS attending the Exchange, click on the Exchange Attendee List on the top and use the search tools. The Additional Search options allow you to search by geography and services and products.
    8. Click on Schedule to review your entire Exchange Schedule, from here you can print or export to Excel.