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Eduardo Gaz is an internationally recognized expert in all aspects of destination skiing and luxury travel. He is the founder and principal of SKI Brasil, the second largest ski tour operator in the Americas. Gaz became instrumental in leading the Brazilian people – who previously did not have a tradition of skiing – to dedicate more than $25 million to ski-related travel every year.

Gaz has been involved with the ski travel industry for more than 22 years, and has vast experience in developing and maintaining global alliances with the industry’s most respected destinations.

 As SKI Brasil continues to expand its portfolio, Gaz has taken on a new endeavor – SKI USA, headquartered in Miami, Fla. SKI USA offers curated experiences for all level skiers, from beginners who have never skied, to experienced ski enthusiasts who are seeking new adventures around the globe. Gaz, a serial entrepreneur with a long track record of success, founded the privately owned TTW Group of ski-focused companies, providing the highest level of personalized ski experiences for individuals and families throughout the globe. TTW Group companies include SKI USA, SKI America, Ski Europe, Ski Zhongguo, Nippon Ski, India Ski, and SKI Brasil.

In 2009, as a division of TTW Group, Gaz established Selections, a tour operator specialized in perfecting travel experiences across the globe. Today Selections is a part of an elite group of travel agencies that work with hotel chains such as the Ritz-Carlton STARS, Dorchester Collection’s Diamond Club, and St. Regis’ Luxury Privilege program, among others.

Gaz is extremely active within the ski industry, viewing his passion as a lifestyle. To that end, he is one of the globe’s leading authorities in the industry, and serves as a dependable source for travelers. Previously, he attended law school at Faculdades Metropolitana Unidas in São Paulo, Brazil and completed the Owner/President Management (OPM) program at Harvard Business School. In his spare time, Gaz enjoys skiing with his family, traveling to Africa, and is an avid flyer. Gaz currently lives in Miami with his wife and two children and is a member of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.