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Halley O’Brien is a four-time Emmy-nominated host and producer known best for her signature beanie and creating engaging, entertaining and authentic stories for video and television.

 Odds are you’ve run across Halley’s infectious presence in some video form online - from her early days as snow reporter for Mount Snow Resort, or during her run as host of the “SnoCountry Snapshot,” a weekly television spot that airs in over 40 markets and discusses the happenings and conditions from various destinations coast to coast.

 Halley is also the writer, host and producer of “The Snow Report,” a weekly web series presented by SKI Magazine now in its fourth season of production. The Snow Report gives viewers a national look at what’s happening and trending in the world of winter, action sports, and weather and has reached over 10 million people to date. 

 This year, Halley is one of the newest hosts on the Local Now NYC team - a branch of The Weather Channel - as their resident host and foodie, finding the best eats and drinks throughout the five boroughs. 

 In 2016, Halley received a Ski Area Management SAMMY Leadership Awards for her love and passion for winter sports, travel and entertaining more than just the “core” skier and snowboarder by remaining positive, relatable and authentic to her roots and the sport. 

 Halley O’Brien Productions continues to work with ski resorts across North America, PSIA-AASI and NSAA on marketing and training materials to help grow the sports of skiing and snowboarding. 

 If Halley were a Disney character, she’d be Elsa. And if Elsa were a YouTuber, she’d be Halley.