Forward thinking with an entrepreneurial spirit, Jason Hahn launched his first company at the age of 15 in 2002 and sold it for a profit in 2011 after growing it to serve seven surrounding locales. From the get-go, Jason has had the grit and determination to succeed.

After the sale of his business, Jason dove in to the booming business of software development for housing and vacation rentals and hasn’t looked back since. Currently, Jason is Product Owner at LesiureLink, a company that focuses on seamless channel distribution for property management companies. 

A specialist in his field, Jason focuses on guiding software development by digging in and putting on the shoes of property management companies, distribution channels and guests alike, all in an effort to create the most user friendly, and on-trend software to fit. Process improvement sits securely in his sight as he works diligently to deeply understand the operational needs of the vacation industry in order to provide optimized solutions to LeisureLink’s partners via software.