Kris Jamieson, most commonly known in the Outdoor and Travel Industry as Jaymo, has spent the last 30 years as a catalyst of sorts.  He has been hyper focused on the progression of the outdoor industry and the sports and brands within it.   Via unorthodox ideas, progressive logic and idealistic ventures he has been at the forefront curating many of the things our industries now take for granted.   This born and raised Oregonian who thrives out of Bend started his career as a race crew worker at Hoodoo ski bowl in 1987.  He focused his efforts into content creation, sports modeling and the evolution of snowboarding.   He was a skier by historical default, but his love for skateboarding in combination with this skiing, ignited his interest in snowboarding.   Jaymo was part of the original team who launched the now infamous Lib Tech and Gnu Snowboard Brands.   He still works with them today.   Jaymo has co-produced and developed 100’s of action sports television programs; working with ABC Networks, The X Games, USA Network and international syndication groups.   He worked intimately with the snowboarding and skiing content for both the Salt Lake and Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.   He spent the last 7 years with GoPro Cameras wearing many different hats.   His resume is a splattering of experiences from so many intertwined overlapping verticals that there are few who have cross pollinated like Jaymo has. 


 In his own words, “I have never really been an expert at any one thing nor a champion athlete……I pride myself in my ability to work with just about anyone and any team.  My ability to curate content has been my strength, with that there is no doubt….however, I am always reaching outside my comfort zone.  My goal is the long term future of all the brands and people who keep this industry healthy.   I have always been one to invest my sweat equity and emotions into projects that will help reach that goal….that goal being, long term outdoor/travel/sport industry health and vibrance”.

Jaymo is currently the director of business development for EVO Gimbals, the only US Based Camera Stabilization Company