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Jessica Payne, no fear, tried it, liked it, doing it again. When she’s not trying things for the first time, she is a forkful whiz in writing and marketing. Jessica was born in Truckee, CA in the middle of a snow storm and learned how to ski at the age of two. While she fell in love with snow sports at a young age, she also fell in love with summer and learned how to drive her parent’s boat at the age of 7.

Her accomplishments include: Graduating from CSUB with a double major in Communications and Public Relations and starting her own business, Jessica Payne from Maine Catering. She loves fashion and her favorite volunteer position was as a journalist and a style coach for Dress for Success Worldwide.

She developed a theory based on Praxis and wrote her first novel at age 35. She tested the waters as a comedian at The Comedy Store in La Jolla, but decided she wanted to do more than just comedy… she wanted to perform! So, bungee jumping, hiking, cliff diving, gymnastics and random dance offs at the local hot spots are her passion today. She loves helping the world and her community and sponsors men and women who are addicted to alcohol. Her smile is infectious and her small “East Coast Accent” can be heard when she’s describing anything from her home town in Bath, Maine. Wickahad Good Lobstah Bub!

When she’s not making her co‐workers laugh or creating Pine Cone Owls for guests, she can be found dancing, golfing, writing, boating with friends or eating at her favorite restaurants.

Besides loving all animals, she loves nature and being outdoors. Her favorite saying with her family and friends has
always been, “Hey guys watch this? Or “Guess what I invented?”