John Morgan is dedicated to transforming the mountain travel industry into the world’s most engaging tourism segment.  He is accomplishing this by helping hotels, resorts, and tourism professionals to communicate more effectively with their clients.  John understands the mountain travel industry from the inside out, having worked as a tour operator, resort sales manager, hotel director, and property manager.  John currently operates his own consulting practice, Dialogue Business Strategy, specializing in guest service, communication, and leadership training.

After 16 years living in Jackson Hole, WY, John and his family recently moved to Toronto, Ontario where he is conducting research for his Master’s degree in Communications Management from Syracuse University and McMaster University.  John has recently been published in Info Suisse Magazine, and has a research article appearing in the next issue of the McMaster Journal of Communications.  John’s recent case study of the Trump Hotel Collection has been nominated for competition in the Arthur W. Page Society.  Research that John completed at Mountain Travel Symposium 2015 will feature prominently in his presentation this year.