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Jonny Moseley is an Olympic and World Cup champion in mogul skiing and rated by Ski Magazineas one of the top ten most influential skiers of all time. At the Olympics in 1998, Jonny incorporated a snowboard-style grab into his 360° spin and caught the attention of the judges and the world while earning a gold medal. His performance helped ignite a re-birth of the ski industry known as Freeskiing. He then challenged the US Ski Team to allow him to compete in professional events and became the first skier to medal in both the X Games and the Olympics. In 2002 Jonny lobbied the International Skiing Federation (FIS) to allow him to perform a semi-inverted trick, the Dinner Roll, at the 2002 Olympics. Reluctantly, the FIS approved but the judges awarded him 4th place. After the Games, Jonny hosted Saturday Night Live and began a successful career in TV hosting and sports commentating. Currently Jonny is developing a line of snacks called IOTA and he is producing digital content for Visit California, the marketing arm for the sate of CA. He devotes most of his time to product development and marketing for the companies he advises including Squaw Valley, Toyota, Mount Gay Rum, Warren Miller, Kenu, Peter Glenn and Tipsy Elves. Jonny lives in Tiburon, CA with his wife and two sons.