Kim began learning about the ski industry before she could walk. As an infant, Kim slept in the corner during meetings and was continuously hauled around to walk-arounds and ski-arounds in a baby backpack by her parents, long time owners of the Lake Louise Ski Resort, one of the premier ski resorts in North America. By the time she was in elementary school, Kim had graduated to jobs such as clearing cafeteria tables and picking up trash in the parking lot, which gave her a bit of credence with which to share her opinions during passionate discussions around the dinner table.

A few decades later, Kim joined the Lake Louise Ski Resort in an official capacity, as VP, Strategy and Corporate Affairs. Kim, a lawyer, brings to Lake Louise over ten years of experience in business law, regulatory law and tax law, as well as two young children who are themselves learning first-hand about ‘child labor’. Kim focuses on risk management, government relations, and strategic planning and growth. She has spearheaded numerous initiatives, including a complete restructuring of Lake Louise’s culinary division which drove a 35% increase in revenue. Together with her sister, Robin, she plans to purchase the business when their parents retire, and is extremely excited about leading further growth while implementing the ski area’s recently approved site guidelines, which will underpin all future master planning.

Kim received her undergraduate degree from the University of Calgary, her law degree from the University of Victoria, and will graduate this year with an MBA from the University of Calgary.