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Leo is the founder of The Ski Week, a UK based company hosting boutique ski festivals in Japan, Europe and Canada and USA. With customers from all over the world their aim is to provide a meeting space and global community for young professionals and add extra flavour to the traditional ski holiday. Targeted at millennials, Leo have developed The Ski Week to focus on experiences, adventures and unique programming instead of the skiing itself to bring new life to the group ski holiday.

Leo has a strong passion for community building through shared experiences. With a belief that the group you travel with is just as important as the trip itself, he has produced events all over the world, ranging from flotilla yacht holidays to desert expeditions and high end entrepreneur meet-ups. 

Wit adventure and solo travel being the two strongest travel trends at the moment, Leo's work is more relevant than ever. Both in how to market to millennials as well as how to design the most attractive product.