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I left school at 16 to work with my brother in building a huge network of kids all over the country to sell products, including launching OnePiece into the UK which made millions of pounds worth of sales. After experiencing the power of advocacy, it was clear to us that the best way to be sold something is through hearing about a friend’s experience.

This led us to build Verve, a global platform for 16-28 year olds to discover and buy through aspirational brands from their network.

Having a strong culture and values is important for any scaling start up, but it’s even more exaggerated when you have distributed teams and we now have employees in 8 different countries. We designed our culture based on our own experiences of hating school and being demotivated while there, but then becoming incredibly driven when we were running our own business. We felt Freedom, Ownership and Mastery really captured that shift in our environment and they are the drivers behind intrinsic motivation.

We tell everyone to choose where and when they work, the meetings they attend and the amount of holiday they need in order to deliver the best results. We build employees roadmaps for their future built around mastery, which we see as the intersection of their ability and their passion, as we want to make sure they are always playing within that space.

Verve works in more than 20 countries with the biggest and best brands including C3 Presents, Festival republic, MGM resorts, Hakkasan, Lollapalloza, World Club Dome, Sonar, Elrow, ESPN, Universal Music Group and Global Radio. We integrate directly with major ticketing providers and technology partners around the world, including Ticketmaster, Paylogic, Eventbrite and Front Gate Tickets.

The company has secured $50m in venture capital funding to-date and following the successful expansion from music into travel, is continuing to expand in those verticals as well as enter new ones that are relevant to our audience."