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This Southern California born and raised kid named Mike Pierson grew up surfing. He never even saw that stuff we call snow until one day a friend took him to Mt. Waterman to ride the ski area’s old single chair and he tried to ski. That was it. Hooked. So much for surfboards. That led him to making the infamous LA-Mammoth run every weekend and landing a job at Crested Butte in the late 70s or, as he puts it, “when snow was new.” 

He ran the travel program for the U.S. Ski Association for a year, then went off the deep end, selling big yellow school buses. Looking to get back into travel, Mike went to work for a trade show company.  He then started his own company, MJPA in 1992. He became a full partner in MTS in 1996 and the majority owner in 2012. “In the late ‘90s he learned there are only two places to have one-on-one time with your kids: on a chairlift and in a golf cart. That’s why both my kids board and my son also plays golf.”