1.     Click on the Exchange you want to schedule appointments for

2.     Click on Appointments

You have the following options: 

My Appointments – Shows your complete appointment schedule up to date based on all confirmed appointments

Request Appointment – You will be able to send requests for slots that both parties have open. Select a profile for a Company/Person you want to meet with. The slots where both of you are available will then appear. Select one and then hit “Request Appointment”. A message will then be sent to the requested party.

Requests – Shows all of your outstanding unfulfilled requests including those you have made and those people have made for you. Accept or decline quickly to keep slots open. You can cancel the outstanding requests that you have made at any time to free up your time slot by clicking on the Profile and then “Cancel Request”. If you do not cancel outstanding requests, those time slots will not be available for other requests.

Requests Not Met – Requests that you originally made during the Appointment Request Process that have not been accepted. This makes it easier for you to make a new request with these companies/people to try to schedule with them again.