The Rainmaker Group is the premier provider of revenue and profit optimization solutions to the Hospitality and Gaming industry. Our intelligent profit platform helps you optimize your revenue, drive increased profitability, save valuable time & outperform your competitors. 


Rainmaker’s groundbreaking revenue and profit optimization product suite includes:

  •   guestrev®, an intuitive and easy-to-use revenue management solution that analyzes total guest value across a hotel or casino property to forecast and price rooms

  • grouprev®, an innovative group pricing solution that streamlines the process of responding to group RFPs by analyzing historical data, future demand, and price sensitivity to recommend the best pricing for group business

  • revintel®, an intuitive business intelligence solution that improves day-to-day revenue management by mining various data sets and providing deep insights at a granular level.

 These integrated solutions optimize revenue and profit from every segment of the business, using data science and analytics to help you put the right customer in the right room at the right price. 

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