Steve Nilsen 

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Pabst Brewing Company has non-traditional techniques they use to reach their audience. They think outside of the box and are very nimble with promotions and don't answer to anyone. This allows them to act quick on opportunities that other companies would not be able to jump on. 

Steve Nilsen, Lifestyle Marketing Manager, Pabst Brewing Company, is coming to MTS to share insights into their company's unique way of marketing, why PBR is interested in promoting at ski resorts and how they differentiate themselves from competitors.

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Tell us why PBR is interested in promoting at ski resorts and to skiers and snowboarders.

For numerous reasons, Pabst has slowly been ingrained in the fabric of resort towns. We always look for ways to show love to the local workers, resort staffs, service industry etc.


Describe some of the techniques PBR uses to reach its audience. How are they effective?

For the most part, the sales and marketing reps we have in or around resort areas are into skiing and snowboarding in the winter and hiking, biking, golf, etc. in the summers. Having said that, we not only hang out with our consumers at our accounts in the resort areas but we're out on the trails/mountains with said consumers. Consumers can see that there's a name/face behind Pabst in their town/resort instead of a hired gun handing out ill-fitting tee shirts and lame tchotchkes. 


How do PBR's tactics differ from those of Budweiser and Coors?

We are very nimble and don't answer to anyone. Though we are very respectful of local liquor laws, we can act quick on opportunities without having to "run it up the corporate flagpole". Also, when was the last time you saw another beer company make a jacket that holds 12 beers? (Note the 686 jacket that was released this fall)

Check out Steve explaining this promotion:
And here is a PBR promo with Union bindings:


What did you learn from your previous work with Red Bull that translates well to your current role with PBR?

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Budgets should not inhibit grandiose thinking. As I have said before, I went from the penthouse to the poor house budget-wise going from Red Bull to Pabst but it has taught me to be even more creative with limited resources.


Describe yourself in two sentences.

1) I don't look down on anyone unless I'm there to help them up. 

2) Organized chaos.

What are you looking forward to as a first-time MTS attendee/speaker? 

I'm pumped to interact with my peers, hear their stories, and find out how they ended up at MTS. 


What are some ways our attendees might see PBR promoted at MTS? Anything you can share at this point?

I always have something up my sleeve but I want to be respectful of the sponsors. If I do anything it would be to add to everyone's experience at MTS and not take away from the overall program.

Don’t miss Steve’s MTS Talk at the MTS Forum, April 11, Heavenly - South Lake Tahoe.