Steven Consiglio 

Product performance manager,

Steven Consiglio is part of the Commercial Performance team for North America. In his role, Steven oversees the performance of key products, both partner and consumer facing, while being a part of the commercial innovation and strategy team for the region. Steven has been with for 7 years, with more than 11 years in e-commerce.

Steven gives us his top 5 buzzwords, shares what people are missing that they should be focused on in the tech realm, and tells us why attendees can’t miss his breakout session.

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So Steven, give us your top 5 buzzwords.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  2. Machine Learning

  3. Customer Journey

  4. The internet of things

  5. A/B testing

 What is the biggest hyped buzzword in travel tech and why?

 Personalization, because the internet provides more data about consumers than we've had ever before.

 What is the thing people are missing that they should be more focused on than the “flavor of the month”?

 Mobile. Everyone’s on their cell, for hour, everyday. But not every (travel) website is mobile friendly.

 Tell us why MTS attendees can’t miss your session.

 If technology and some of these buzzwords are intimidating, join us for this interactive session where we break down these concepts to leave the attendees confident in their ability to explain the key technology trends to anyone.

Do you have any great stories about a lodging partner who has been able to take advantage of the type of information that you will be covering to grow their revenue?

 We had a partner attend one of our events, a partner with a middle-of-the-road review score. We spoke about the Artificial Intelligence that offers in the form of a Messaging Platform that connects properties to customers; it's called the Booking Assistant. We allow properties to create template responses in the case of various customer requests, things like early check-in and late check-out, availability of extra beds, airport pick up, etc. With these templates filled out, customers can ask the Booking Assistant a question and get a real time response directly from the property! In this way, properties can leverage technology to be a part of a cutting edge experience for customers--which they remember and translate to the review score. This partner implemented these templates and approached us months later to share how their review score increased and they actually qualified for our preferred program at that point! Major win for their customers and their own bottom line!

Check out Steven’s breakout session at the MTS Forum, April 3-4, Whistler, BC, Canada.