Without MTS, we’d need to totally change how we contract business. Yes, Skype, e-mail and video-conferencing play their part, but nothing beats sitting face-to-face with key suppliers and actually talking to people. It’s an ideas factory, a catalyst to try different things but most importantly it’s a networking event like no other. Period. Miss it at your peril.
— Nick Laver, Ski Independence

You are a tour operator, an online travel agency, or anyone who sells mountain travel to consumers or through agents. The Trade Exchange puts you directly in front of the major suppliers to optimize your business growth and success. Resorts, hotels, condos, airlines, car rentals, transfers, equipment rentals, travel insurance – everything you need to build your product.

In addition to meeting with exhibitors participating in the dynamic Mountain Marketplace, you will gain insights and tips from potential partners for your marketing needs, technology requirements, product offerings and more. The possibilities are endless.