TripHero is the convenient new alternative to checking luggage.  We pick up and safely deliver bags and gear to a traveler's destination, allowing them to travel hands-free.  For hotels and resorts, we relieve the burden of tracking and storing luggage that arrives before the guest.

We will receive your guests’ bags, store them until the day of arrival and deliver them to your hotel or resort so that you don’t have to deal with tracking, storage, or lost bags. Not only does TripHero’s luggage-as-a-service model create an easy and totally hands-free solution for people traveling with luggage and ski gear, TripHero also makes it easier for you to deal with guests’ belongings at your resort. Why hotels and resorts love TripHero:

Right-Time Delivery:
Have you ever had a guest ship their gear three weeks ahead of time? When partnered with TripHero, we will deliver your guest’s bags the day of arrival so you don’t have to store their items and be held liable for lost or misplaced items. TripHero will do it all for you.

On Demand Storage:
TripHero will store your guests’ gear year-round and send them to any hotel or resort they travel to for their vacation. Have guests that comes back yearly or multi times in a year? TripHero will store the items so you don’t have to and deliver them back for the guest’s next visit.

Insurance and Tracking:
We all know a happy guest is on the mountain skiing or riding. TripHero fully insures all shipments and will even pay for rental or demo gear if their bags are your guest does not miss any time on the hill. As an official partner of FedEx, TripHero will use their extensive network within FedEx to track down missing items and guarantee timely delivery. Oftentimes, the guest never even knows when problems occur.

Shipping Department Outsourcing:
TripHero will even take over your entire shipping and receiving department so your staff can focus on your core competencies. Hotels and resorts aren’t, and shouldn’t be, in the logistics business. At TripHero, we are logistics experts and can oftentimes take over the operations of your entire shipping department at no cost to the hotel!

Use TripHero and “Let go of luggage.”