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VacationRentals@MTS is a program designed specifically for vacation rental property management companies, presented in partnership with VRMA.

 Each year, dozens of vacation rental property management companies attend MTS. Before, these companies were able to take advantage of both the Trade and Group Exchange to grow their business. While the Forum provides fantastic thought leadership and content for the industry, until now, there were limited sessions that spoke directly to the issues vacation rental property management companies face everyday.

VacationRentals@MTS is designed to change that. The vacation rental industry is undergoing massive changes. New partners like Airbnb and HomeAway are joining the OTAs including Expedia and as major players and sources of bookings. Technology providers including RedAwning and Lexicon are assisting with the connectivity and channel management. And next year, things will be changing again; you know that and we know that.

 Join an intimate group of your peers at VR@MTS to discuss, debate and explore the future of this sector. You’ll be able to hear from industry leaders about their views of where the industry is heading next and share ideas with one another.

 With guidance from VRMA, MTS is putting a stake in the ground that there is so much to discuss and learn about the Vacation Industry. VacationRentals@MTS is a platform for all vacation rental companies that attend MTS to participate in.

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2019 Schedule of Events

 Thursday, April 4 
11:15amCoffee Break and Welcome to VacationRentals@MTS
11:45am - 12:00pmPhocuswright Vacation Rental Research Frames the Day's Discussions
12:00pm - 12:40pmTech, Amazon, and the Transformation of the Vacation Rental Industry
12:40pm - 1:40pmHosted Lunch
1:40pm - 2:20pmEvaluating Distribution Avenues - What does it really cost to acquire a new guest?
2:35pm - 2:55pmHow VRMA Member Benefits Can Advance Your Business
2:55pm - 3:35pm15 Things You Know Now That You Didn’t Know Yesterday
3:50pm - 4:30pmBoom or Bust. Direct Booking Strategies You Need In Place To Prepare For The Next Recession

Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Phocuswright Vacation Rental Research Frames the Day’s Discussions

Phocuswright’s Pete Comeau will frame the discussion, presenting research on how technology and distribution trends are impacting the vacation rental industry. Some key questions will include: What does the vacation rental landscape look like now and how has this trended over the past 4-6 years? How are today’s travelers searching, shopping and booking vacation rentals? Where is the innovation coming from and what areas within the vacation rental category are startups focused on disrupting?

Pete Comeau, Senior Vice President, Operations and Strategy, Phocuswright


Tech, Amazon, and the transformation of the vacation rental industry

Join Matt Nunn from Amazon Alexa Smart Technology to discover how the vacation rental industry has evolved from a highly fragmented niche lodging option to an industry player in the hospitality space via tech. A rapid transformation is taking place, and it is driven by new technology options that enhance both the guest and property manager's experience. Property managers can leverage technology find cost savings, improve guest experience, and compete on a more level playing field with other lodging options. From mobile apps to companies like Amazon jumping in, are you up-to-date on what's next in vacation rental technology? Join us for an update and learn what's next! 


Evaluating Distribution Avenues – What does it really cost to acquire a new guest?

Distribution strategies are complicated, especially with the different type of inventory property managers have. With the rapid industry growth and the introduction of OTA’s, the costs keep going up. But do they? Joel Inman will be introducing the bigger picture behind distribution strategies and where in the world we are today with our technology. As a leader within the vacation rental industry Joel’s experience in how technology enables better decision making in distribution and rate strategy makes him a perfect candidate for this session. 

Joel Inman, Founder and CEO, Lexicon Travel Technologies


How VRMA Member Benefits Can Advance Your Business 

VRMA has come a long way. Much more than just an events association, VRMA now provides members with real-time business intelligence & industry data, company accreditation & certificates, multi-faceted content, government relations & advocacy, and much more. Come learn from VRMA leadership all that the association is doing for you and the vacation rental industry.




15 Things You Know Now that You Didn’t Know Yesterday

Knowledge is power, and we want you to be as powerful as a superhero. Join HomeAway Software as we speed-round the 15 things you didn’t know yesterday but will be glad to have in your knowledge arsenal. From machine learning, to traveler insights, to where to start your next VR company, we’ve got you covered. A mix of fun facts and proprietary research, this is a session you will not want to miss!


Boom or Bust. Direct Booking Strategies You Need In Place To Prepare For The Next Recession

Is your VR business ready for the next economic downturn? If not, you should start planning, gaining more direct bookings and showing value to owners while it's a bull market. Get insights on what direct booking strategies you can employ to ensure you thrive through the next recession.