meet the class of 2018

In 2018, the Young Leaders Summit launched at MTS. The Young Leaders Summit is an exclusive, application-only event open to young professionals working in the mountain travel industry under the age of 35. Meet the class of 2018! 

Kt Bell.jpeg

Kt bell
Director of sales and Marketing, Snowmass mountain lodging by east west

Kt Bell was influenced to pursue a career in the mountain travel industry because she wanted to share her love for the mountains and mountain communities with travelers from all over the world. She has spent seven years in the industry, and is currently the Director of Sales & Marketing for Snowmass Mountain Lodging by East West. Her biggest accomplishment to date is developing a successful corporate event and wedding program at Camp Hale, just outside of Vail, Colorado. 

Leah Boucher
Director of SEO & Content,

Leah Boucher is the Director of SEO & Content for Her love of skiing, mountains, travel, and storytelling is what originally drove her to be in the industry. She has spent five years working in travel and ten years in the ski/outdoor industry. Her proudest accomplishment to date has been increasing’s organic traffic by 223% since starting her position.



Lauren Bourgeau.jpg

lauren bourgeau
Marketing content & Project manager, sun valley resort 

Lauren Bourgeau is the Marketing Content & Project Manager for Sun Valley Resort. She was inspired to get into the industry from her love of the mountains, skiing, travel, and her background in marketing. Through her 3 years in the industry, she says she is proud to work alongside and amazing team that continually strives to have Sun Valley as a top-ranked Resort in the US and North America. She is also proud to have helped grow and develop Sun Valley’s voice across social media, email and marketing campaigns. Lauren’s most valuable take away from the Young Leaders Summit was the ability to tap into the knowledge and expertise of current industry leaders. 

Esthur checksfield
Senior international sales and marketing manager

Esthur has spent four years in the industry, and currently works for Visit Park City (Park City Chamber/Visitors Bureau) as the Senior International Sales and Marketing Manager. She was inspired to get into the industry when she took a spontaneous move to Colorado. Esthur is proud of her Asian-American heritage and working in the mountain travel industry in hopes to increase diversity in all ways while also being a mother. For Esthur, the most valuable part about the Young Leaders Summit was the ability to be among others that share the same passion for the industry.  


Julie Cilluffo.jpeg

Julie Cilluffo
Senior Manager, Travel Industry sales, Vail Resorts

Julie's first job in college was working at The Park City Peaks Hotel. The combination of her love of skiing and her first job brought her into the industry, and she has been here nine years. Her proudest accomplishment has been mentoring young women in the mountain industry. Julie believes the most beneficial part of the Young Leaders Summit was being given the opportunity to network with senior leaders within the ski industry. 

Reservations/revenue manager, tahoe mountain lodging

Elizabeth Crellin is the Reservations/Revenue Manager for Tahoe Mountain Lodging. Her passion of the outdoors made her want to be in the industry, and she has spent eleven and a half years sharing the beauty of the mountains with others. Her proudest accomplishment in the industry is staying in touch with guests, allowing her to watch families grow over the years. The most valuable thing she got from the Young Leaders Summit was the confirmation that young leaders are not alone, and that companies not only believe in the younger generation but need their voices both internally and externally. 



amory harris
Marketing specialist, mt. rose - ski tahoe

Amory is the Marketing Specialist for Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe and has spent a year in the industry. She decided to pursue her career because of her passion for skiing and the positive impact it has had on her life. She believes working in an industry she is passionate about allows her to put her heart and soul into her work. Her proudest accomplishment to this day was her creation and execution of the Roses are RAD Winter Film Festival. She received almost 100 video submissions and had a packed house the day of the event. For Amory, the most valuable parts of the Young Leaders Summit were the networking opportunities and the ability to meet so many people in all levels of ski industry professions. 

Cat Iwanchuk
Travel industry sales manager, vail resorts management company

Cat Iwanchuk is the Travel Industry Sales Manager for Vail Resorts Management Company. The spirit of the outdoors, excitement of mountain adventures, and good ole family fun is what inspired her to get into the industry, and she’s been here for six years. She feels accomplished that she landed a job in an industry that values work/life balance, allowing her to interact with like-minded individuals. For Cat, the most valuable part of the Young Leaders Summit was the ability to network with fellow leaders, ones that she will continue to grow and share her passion with. 


EK Headshot.jpg

Eric Kertzman
Sales Manager, Diamond Peak Ski resort & Incline village golf courses

Eric Kertzman is the Sales Manager at Diamond Peak Ski Resort & Incline Village Golf Courses. He originally wanted to be in the industry when a few of his professors elaborated on the definition of “recreation” and how it improves and empowers society. He then became hooked on showing his customers the re-creational power that recreation generates. Eric has been in the industry for 15 years and his proudest accomplishments have been hosting groups, events, conferences, and watching his repeat customers fully experience an authentic retreat. For Eric, the most valuable part of the Young Leaders Summit was the open conversation on both sides of the table from mentor to young leader, and vice versa. 

Valerie lomeli
sales & Marketing Coordinator, Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority

Although Valerie Lomeli is new to the industry, with only three years under her belt, she has accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Valerie is the Sales & Marketing Coordinator for the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority. After finishing college with a Civil Engineering degree, her life felt incomplete. She moved to San Francisco and spent most of her weekends heading up to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the outdoors every weekend. It was then that she realized she wanted to be even closer to nature, and joined the mountain travel industry. Valerie is proud of how hard she has worked and how quickly she has moved up through the ranks, despite not having an educational background that relates to the industry. One of the most valuable things about participating in the Young Leaders Summit for her was the ability to network with her fellow peer leaders and meeting with key leaders of this industry. 



Lisa Morgan
Senior account manager, sports America tours

 Inspired by her small town roots and passion for the outdoors, Lisa Morgan got her start in the industry by being active in her college ski club and working closely with Sports America to plan their destination trip (400+ students). She has spent seven years in the industry, and is the Senior Account Manager for Sports America Tours where her love for the mountains, planning, and travel all come together. Lisa is proud of the fact that she found a career in an industry she loves, and is given the opportunity to network and create unique experiences. For Lisa, the most valuable part of the Young Leaders Summit was discussing present issues facing the industry, identifying common goals, and hearing different perspectives from both participants and mentors.  


Sinai nau
Community relations manager, mt. rose - ski tahoe

Siani began her career at Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe with her first job coaching for the ski team 15 years ago and fell in love with the ski industry. Skiing has always been her passion and it was her dream growing up to share this passion with as many people as possible. Currently, Siani is the Community Relations Manager for Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe and is proud to have worked in multiple departments within the company gaining experience and learning from different managers between coaching, supervising Guest Services, Tickets and Children’s Ski and Snowboard School. 


Hannah peterson
International sales Manager, vail resorts 

Hannah Peterson grew up skiing at Vail Resorts mountains. Later on, she graduated from college with a degree in International Business. For Hannah, the combination of both her interests in the international business climate and the mountains made perfect sense. She has spent four years in the industry. Hannah’s greatest accomplishment is her work related to the combination and standardization of the Vail Resorts Wholesale business. She revamped the billing and payment process and cross-trained all of their agents to be skilled in every mountain and mountain product for all of their resorts. 

Sean Schimmel
Digital marketing manager, moving mountains

Sean Schimmel was born and raised in Colorado and spent most of his time in the mountains. Sean believes the mountain destinations are the most incredible places on earth and loves to share them with others. Stemming from his love of the mountains, Sean has spent six years in the industry and is the Digital Marketing Manager at Moving Mountains. His proudest accomplishment to date is his ability to make a good life for himself in a small mountain town without giving up his professional and future aspirations.