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The sxsw of ski

Mountain Travel Symposium is the single largest and longest-running annual gathering of mountain travel professionals in the world and has been called the SXSW of ski. Representatives from over 35 countries establish relationships, build their business, and create a stronger mountain business community.


the exchanges

MTS is much more than a typical networking event. MTS is well established as the premier North American meeting place for the worldwide mountain travel industry where resort representatives meet in a single location with a wide range of mountain vacation suppliers, buyers and vendors from around the world.


The most important presentation of mountain travel thought leadership content is happening April 11 and 12, 2018 at Mountain Travel Symposium.

International Partnerships

European Mountain Travel Summit is the first event of its kind that brings together senior executives from across the globe for meaningful dialogue and sharing ideas about the mountain destination industry. Unlike other industry conferences, the focus is strictly related to marketing and business growth. The Summit is purposely compact to provide the most information and networking as possible in a two-day program.