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Company Leader

Determine if you are the Company Leader, if yes, check the box after you login. If you are the only one from your company for a specific exchange, you will be the Company Leader. There can only be one Company Leader per exchange, per company.

Appointment Taker

Company Leader designates the profiles and Appointment Takers. The Appointment Taker is the person with the appointment schedule for that exchange. By default, the Company Leader is the Appointment Taker, but that can easily be changed by the Company Leader. It is also easy to change the Company Leader to a different person than originally assigned.


The Appointment Taker creates and updates the applicable Profile information for their “profile”. Their profile represents one set of appointments. The Appointment Taker will also be the individual responsible for requesting and accepting appointments throughout the appointment scheduling process.


To begin adding or editing a profile, please follow these steps:

  1. ENTER the appointment system. CLICK HERE

  2. SELECT the Exchange (Trade or Group)

  3. LOGIN with the e-mail address used to register.

  4. CLICK 'YES' in the box to the right to assign yourself as the Company Leader, if you are the first person to login from your company for that exchange.

  5. In the PROFILE:
    a. Add an image (logo or personal image, optional)
    b. Upload collateral (optional, pdf)
    c. Indicate Products and Services
    d. Indicate Geographic regions
    e. Complete Profile information including address, website and company description
    f. Remember to SAVE!


To view step by step instructions on how to build your profile, scroll through the gallery below. 

Click here to download a PDF of the images. 


Questions? Contact: Sarah Hibler at