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The MTS Young Leaders Summit is an exclusive event during MTS open to young professionals under 35 who have a passion for the mountain travel industry and are dedicated to growing their professional community and knowledge-base. The MTS Young Leaders Summit will expose those who are new to the industry and early in their careers to the knowledge and insights offered by MTS attendees with great experience and tenure. 

Tentative content includes: 

  • Industry leaders: Their path to success and early struggles

  • Young leaders: Learning the ropes of mountain travel and tourism

  • Roundtable: Challenges facing our industry

  • Path to success: Role changes and tackling transition

Who you’ll hear from:

Benefits of attending:

  • A feature in an e-newsletter with exposure for the individual and company

  • Opportunity for a position on the Young Leaders Summit Advisory Board

  • Hearing from industry veterans about their path to success

  • Networking with and learning from peers

  • Insights from industry leaders

  • Knowledge on how to turn what you love into a viable career

Eligibility Criteria

  • Current employee in the mountain travel and tourism industry

  • 35 years of age or younger on March 31, 2019

  • Demonstrates drive to be an influential part of the mountain travel industry

  • Registration cost of $845


Have questions? Contact Catherine shaw at 201-902-2084 or cshaw@mtntrvl.com