ALL Direct Scheduling for appointments

Create profiles starting February 10. request and confirm appointments starting march 9.

The MTS appointment system does not offer responsive design for mobile devices such as iPads, tablets or smartphones. It is best used on a desktop device.

Every appointment request from buyers or suppliers has to be confirmed by the other party. You have the ability to accept or deny every request you receive. Appointments can be made through the duration of MTS, with no breaks. Now, you have the power to design YOUR schedule based on your business needs.

How does this benefit you?

  • Complete and total control of your appointment schedule

  • No end date or breaks once scheduling opens. Appointments can be made through the Exchanges.

  • The MTS team available to assist every step of the way

create profiles

Attendees craft their profiles: Starting February 10th

app request.png

Request & Confirm appointments

Attendees will be able to request and confirm appointments starting March 9th.

direct scheduling.png

Build Your Schedule

After March 9th, attendees can build and refine their appointment schedules up to and during the event.